ImageYes… I am talking about make up, all you make up loving, under the cover people who swear by the artistic value, and livelihood it


Make up is a girl (or guy if your into it) best friend! Do you think make up is attractive? Or do you think it is not so attractive? Over the top?… I know how I feel about it, but its all about you right now my darlings (grin).


MAKE up is the formation that enhances looks, and it takes an individuals looks, demeanor, attitude, aura, ones being to the 10th power (my personal definition…but once again its all about what {Phonetic}, you think my darlings)… ask a Supermodel, she wouldn’t dear get caught going to an event, booking shoot, live TV press without it… Think of Make up as a pair of shoes, or your underwear, or hell your genitals you will never leave the house with out them.

Archaeologists have found evidence of cosmetics or makeup being used in Egypt dating back as far as the fourth millennium BC, including artifacts of eye makeup and objects used for the application of scented ointments“.- Mary Bellis, Guide


Make up has become so popular all over the world, like religion (I- am- not- religious!), we are all connected, however in the world of Make up we all have one god (cuz we sure as hell don’t in America or the world at that) we serve and that’s the Make up brush honey. You handle that thing with tender love and care, make sure no germs get on it, wash it every few week, and never ever share it with anyone whom you don’t know (we all have different skin types). Image well I am speechless about this guy, he just has a lot going on, maybe some cosmetic procedures anyone?! High hat drum kick boom boom


Anyway, Make up is something we all have in common, its just like a rally for a cause or a epidemic that has effected our nations capital or a threat to the well being of our financial market (just making a point, hopefully a smart one)… you cant deny the effect it has brought on this world for over thousands and thousands of years.


Now as a performer, the world of make up is just like drinking water to me; being on stage you have to have the right foundation for lighting, and angles, camera time. Live television, you always want to make sure your picture perfect (dedication to Ms. Kim Kardashian, the queen of face). Its such a superficial world out there, and if your not confident with yourself, and believe in who made you the Greatest one of all, you can loose yourself.


So… I wanna know to all my fellas do you think make up is beauty or beastly? Whats your picture perfect gal? To my ladies is a man wearing make up (if hes a athlete, actor, model) does it get your panties wet, or is it just a dry ol’ desert down there?…By the way I am so serious about that question…Dead ass! :o


You wanna know what I think about it? Well, Make up is a gift and curse… Lets start off with the gift:

ImageMake up is all about color, love, life, and being polish, hard work, sexiness. Make up is a form of art; just like singing is the form of expression, and deserve all the respect in the world, make up is a form of expression! I am actually blessed to be friends (shes like my sis) with an amazing make up artist Jessica Francois. She is so poised, beautiful and indeed artistic when it comes to make up! She understands the lining, the time, and effort put into applying make up… why wont you just check her out on, check her out!


That is the point of Make up, its all about applying a culture of amazing detail. Now for the curse… If you don’t know how to apply it , and your looking like a clown, or it just looks like you have pounds and pound of make up on looking crazy or scary… Hell I don’t know I just only know the gift of it because I only work with the best in Make up for my photo shoots, video shoots, shows, press events.


So let me know what you think guys and girls… I will be waiting.