As you can see this Topic is based on Movies (moving away for 5 minutes from my Pop star blog) I wanna know … what makes a great movie? :O

Is it the book that makes the individual wanna go and see the movie?, or is it the cast, the lead actor, or actress. Promotion? Trailers (sometimes their better than the movie itself, and usually don’t have certain hyped scenes the trailer portray in the movie).

Now I don’t typically go see movies (unless on a date, or with a group of friends). The last major movie that I saw was “The Lovely Bones” 2009  (Mark Wahlberg) which had me so emotionally destroyed but mentally stimulated, and forward flashes to my future, then also the movie “KNOWING” 2009 (Nicolas Cage) which was epic, and assured me life is short and I better rekindle any screwed up relationship with those I love before the big guy walks this earth.

This new film that’s out “Hunger Games” (Jennifer Lawrence) 2012, I plan on seeing this weekend , has dawned on my Pensive brain … Why $155 million dollars its opening week!? I know one thing I love action, but with action there is always a tale of love, and the notion of a Covenant that could never be broken.. or is it just a way to create a Mental game for a way to forget about the troubles, and woes that we are facing now a days in this country (world). Maybe its just plain simple … Teenagers experience peer pressure, and once in a blue it could lead to Suicide.

Regardless I add another epic trend that could possibly get Oscar praise, Golden Globe praise or just go down in Topping Trends Movie and Pop Culture History. Let me know what you think…?