My Blog Series: What makes A Pop star ?.


So… this is my first blog posting, and I just wanted to express my pensive questions, thoughts on what make an amazing, packaged pop star!!! :D

Is it the amazing beat, production , quality of the track that you hear, and/ or move your feet from left to right?

Is it the amazing voice that brings the track to the next level, or maybe the effects to the vocals that makes the track an amazing candidate to top the charts?

Is it the quality of writing, catchy hooks, or the repetitive nature of the structure in which the song is written in a “Pop” formation , that will guarantee listeners, attention, and top of the milestone accolades??

Is it the team; promotion, management, money, airplay, online marketing strategies, live shows, that take the artist at the top of the food chain for most respectable attention?!

You know what I think?, I think its a combination of all the above I just mentioned! (grin)

This posting is all the knowledge, resources, experience(s) I have and I think this will allow people to understand the world, and life of a singer (entertainer), who aspires to take it to the next level in their own right!

Now there is also the part of struggle, concrete work, delusional mindset that one may have to have in order to make it to the top in such a world that is so superficial, insensitive, dark, but also profitable, lucrative, and credited (if you know the right people ).

Just as the amazing single from the world most, influential but mind boggling pop star Rihanna ” We found love” takes you to a place where we understand the value that love can have, but also not fully comprehend the downfalls it presents, and the obsessive nature one can express in a very dark, addictive, shameful manner.

Music is love found in a hopeless place (or at least in my eyes). It has led me to have hope and belief, in myself, and the revolution, evolution I will birth into a world full of questions, politics, doubts… that many critics, people of “right” in the music industry, that makes this beautiful world…. well beautiful.

Success is the mindset one have, but also its not such a straight road to travel (as far as my life goes), never forgetting where you come from , and where you are at present in your life. The goal is to look forward to a big, bright future, and I intend on doing so…

…and making a big mark in the Music Industry.


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