Thanks to those who showed me love on my first blog , ” What makes a Pop Star” I just saw the new launch of my dear buddy, new artist The Donovan; hes a budding artist from Atlanta GA, and hes hot!.

His new project The Donovan’s venom is out now, and it is hitting all the Internet sites, pertaining to entertainment hard!

Now when I think of what makes a Hot pop star its someone who is relentless (such as myself), and passionate , but also loving, and definitely put those they love first!…

I was given the honor to be apart of his project (my two songs I recorded with him are the first two tracks of the album yay :D) and it was such a joy working for an individual so artistic, original, beautiful , and strong as he is!

I look forward to the success, and the peak of this album to sore, and definitely influence and speak to the hearts of many out there who can appreciate great Music.

So what are you doing now ? besides reading my blog, go to his website http://www.TheDonovansVenom.com and be apart of the new evolution of Music.